45 Shortcuts for Act! CRM (Windows)  [edit]

Platform: win [add]

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minusplus1. General Shortcuts
Ctrl+C Copy Selected Text
Ctrl+X Cut Selected Text
Ctrl+v Paste selected Text
Ctrl+P Print the Content
Ctrl+Z Undo Activity
F1 Help
Alt+F4 Exit Act
Ctrl+N Create New File/Database
Ctrl+O Open existing File/Database
Ctrl+S Save File/Database

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minusplus2. View Shortcuts
F7 Task List
Alt+F10 Company List
Shift+F3 Work week user roles
F5 Monthly Calender
F8 Contact list
F11 Contact detail view
F10 Group list
Shift+F1 Context Sensitive Help
Ctrl+F9 Group/Company tab from contact view
F4 Mini calender
Alt+F9 Activity tab
Shift+F9 History tab
Alt+Shift+F9 Notes Tab

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minusplus3. Activity Shortcuts
Insert New Contact,group,company
Ctrl+H Record history
Ctrl+E Edit Mode On/Off
Ctrl+L Schedule Call
Ctrl+M Schedule Meeting
Ctrl+T Schedule To-do
Ctrl+F5 Refresh
Shift+F4 Display Timer
Ctrl+F11 Add a sales opportunity
Ctrl+I Attach a file
Ctrl+D Clear Activity
Ctrl+Del Delete a contact/group
Esc Close Menu/Dialog box
Ctrl+Insert Add Secondary contact
Ctrl+Shift+D Reschedule Activity
F12 Save a copy/create an empty copy of database
Alt+F12 Import data from other file/database
Ctrl+Shift+A Open Annual Event Search
Shift+F7 Open opprtunity list

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minusplus4. Navigation Shortcuts
Alt+F6 Switch focus between timer and current window
Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn Switch to Previous/next contact record

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