35 Shortcuts for Adobe Bridge CC (MacOS)  [edit]

minusplus35 Shortcuts for Adobe Bridge CC (MacOS)
Command+/ Display Help
Tab Show/Hide Panels
Command+\ Next View
Command+Shift+\ Previous View
Command+' Switch between 0 and 1 Star Rating
Command++/Command+- Increase/Decrease Thumbnail size
Command+Shift++/Command+Shift+- Step Thumbnail Size Up/down
Up Arrow Move Up a Folder in Panel or Row
Down Arrow Move Down a Folder in Panel or Row
Command+Up Arrow Move Up a level in Folders Panel
Left Arrow Move Left one item
Right Arrow Move Right one item
Home Move to First Item
End Move to Last Item
F5 Refresh Contents Panel
Command+Click Add to Selection in Discontiguous Mode
Shift+Arrow Keys Add an item to Selection
Tab Rename Next
Shift+Tab Rename Previous
Command+Option+1..5 Show Items with Star 1..5 Rating or Higher
Command+Option+Shift+1..5 Show Items with Selected Star Rating in Filter Panel
Command+Option+Shift+6..9 Show Items with selected Star Rating in Filter Panel
Command+Option+6..9 Show Items with Labels 1..4 in Filter Panel
Shift+Click Show All Items with Selected Rating or Higher in Filter Panel
Command+Option+A Clear Filters
Option+Click Select Inverse in Filter Panel
Click Display Loupe Tool in Preview Panel/Review Mode
Click/Drag Move Loupe Tool
Click Display Additional Loupes in Preview Panel
Command+Click Move Multiple Loupe Tools Simultaneously
+/- Zoom in/Zoom out with Loupe Tool
Command++/Command+- Zoom in/Zoom out with Loupe Tool(Multiple Selection)
Option+Click Select All Items in Stack
Shift+Click Apply/Remove Current Keyword and Parent Keywords in Keywords Panel
Command+Right Arrow/Command+Left Arrow Open/Close Disclosure Triangle in Keywords Panel

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