Shortcuts for Amazon Prime Video

Jump to: Video Player, Your Video Library Listing Panels

1. Video Player


Enter/exit Full screen


Exit full screen; if not playing in full screen, exit player


Rent movie/episode


Buy movie/episode


Go back to your Library listing

Arrow Up

Increase volume

Arrow Down

Decrease volume

Arrow Right

Skip forward 10 seconds

Arrow Left

Skip backward 10 seconds


Cycle available Captions languages, including "don't show any"


Mute/unmute Audio

2. Your Video Library Listing Panels

Arrow Up

Move up

Arrow Down

Move down

Arrow Right

Move right

Arrow Left

Move left

Page Up

Up one page

Page Down

Down one page


Show video details /drill into show TV episodes


Dlose video details /move back up to series

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Comment #2 by WardC Oct 2, 2021 at 03:42 pm  Reply

Thank you for the shortcuts! I am watching a Prime show on my Windows 10 PC, and the right arrow CHANGED what it does - it showed a "2X" in a little popup window along the bar showing how far you are thru the movie! And now I can't again find what did it! You missed a BIG one in the "Video Player" - [Space] pauses or plays.

Comment #1 by deadpool91 Dec 8, 2020 at 12:29 pm  Reply

how to get prime video debug info/ debug menu/ "stats for nerds"???


Amazon Prime Video Shortcuts

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