17 Shortcuts for Apple Contacts (MacOS)  [edit]

minusplus17 Shortcuts for Apple Contacts (MacOS)
Command+, Open Contacts Preferences
Command+N Create A Card for New Contact
Command+Shift+N Create a New Group/Folder
Command+Option+N Create a New Smart Group
Command+O Import Contacts
Command+P Print Contacts
Command+L Edit Current Contacts
Command+S Save Changes in Contacts
Command+1 Show/Hide Contacts
Command+2 View a list and a card
Command+] Go to Next Card
Command+[ Go to Previous Card
Command+Option+L Show/Hide Last Import
Command+Shift+L Merge/Link Selected Cards
Command+I Open A Card in New Window
Command+Option+I Choose A Custom Image for A Contact
Command+\ Make A Card as A Company or A Person

Uploaded by rank17, updated on 5/7/2017