29 Shortcuts for Arduino (MacOS)  [edit]

minusplus29 Shortcuts for Arduino (MacOS)
Command+N New Sketch
Command+O Open Existing Sketch
Command+S Save Sketch
Command+Shift+S Save As Sketch
Command+R Verify
Command+U Upload Sketch
Command+F Find
Command+T Adjust Alignment and Spce
Command+/ Comment
Command+K Open Sketch Folder
Command+Shift+M Open Serial Monitor
Command+Q Quit
Command+W Close
Command+P Print
Command+Shift+P Page SetUp
Command+, Prefernces
Command+C Copy
Command+X Cut
Command+V Paste
Tab Increase Indent
Shift+Tab Decrease Indent
Command+L Go to Line
Command+A Select All
Command+G Find Next
Command+Shift+G Find Previous
Command+Shift+U Upload using Programmer
Command+T Auto Format
Command+Shift+L Serial Plotter
Command+Shift+F Find in Reference

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