58 Shortcuts for ArtRage 4.5 5 (MacOS)  [edit]

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Table of Contents:

  1. Menus
  2. Tools
  3. General
minusplus1. Menus
Command+N New Painting
Command+O Open painting
Command+S Save painting
Command+E Export as image
Command+I Import image
Command+P Print painting
Command+Q Quit
Command+Z Undo
Command+Y Redo
Command+C Copy Layer To Clipboard
Command+V Paste Clipboard To New Layer
Command+T Load Tracing Image
T Show/Hide Tracing Image
Command+R Load Reference Image
Command+L New Layer
F1 Show Manual
Command+U Check For Updates Online
Command+1 About ArtRage 2

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minusplus2. Tools
1 Oil paint
2 Pencils
3 Palette knife
4 Airbrush
5 Chalks
6 Glitter gun
7 Paint roller
8 Paint tube
9 Color sampler
0 Felt pens
- Crayons
= Eraser
M Canvas mode
R Canvas rotater
Z Canvas zoomer

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minusplus3. General
Option+ Left Click Sample Color
Tab Show/Hide All Panels
Enter Show/Hide All Interface
T Show/Hide Tracing Image
R Show/Hide Stencils and Rulers
S Show/Hide Color Samples
Arrow Right Increase Tool Size 1%
Arrow Left Decrease Tool Size 1%
Arrow Up Increase Tool Pressure 1%
Arrow Down Decrease Tool Pressure 1%
Shift+Arrow Right Increase Tool Size 10%
Shift+Arrow Left Decrease Tool Size 10%
Shift+Arrow Up Increase Tool Pressure 10%
Shift+Arrow Down Decrease Tool Pressure 10%
Command+Arrow Up Select Next Layer
Command+Arrow Down Select Previous Layer
Command+ + /Shift+ Left Click Drag Zoom in
Command+/Shift+ Right Click Drag Zoom out
Right Click Drag /Space+ Left Click Drag Drag the canvas
Option+ Right Click Drag /Space+Option+ Left Click Drag Rotate the canvas
Shift+ Right Click Drag Zoom In To or Out Of the Canvas
/ Rotate Canvas 180 Degrees
Hold down H Quick Mirror the Canvas Horizontally
Hold down V Quick Mirror the Canvas Vertically
D Reset Canvas to Default Position, Scale, and Rotation

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Uploaded by Chirag, updated on 8/15/2017