13 Shortcuts for CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus13 Shortcuts for CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager (Windows)
Ctrl+P Open Print Dialog Box
Ctrl+G Send ICMP Ping to Selected Devices
Ctrl+T Establish Communication session with Selected Device using TELNET
Ctrl+H Establish Encrypted Communication Session with Selected Device using Secure Shell
Ctrl+L Polls Selected Device from SpectroSERVER Modelling Device
Ctrl+W Web Administration
Alt+Left Arrow Go back to Previous Container or Device
Alt+Right Arrow Go Forward to Container or Device after Navigating Back
Alt+VthenS Show/Hide Status bar
Alt+VthenN Show/Hide Navigation Panel
Alt+VandC Show/Hide Contents Panel
Alt+VandD Show/Hide Component Detail panel
Alt+H Open Help menu

Uploaded by rank17, updated on 6/4/2017