67 Shortcuts for Sonar 2015 (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Track View
  2. Transport
  3. Record

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minusplus1. Track View
Alt+1 Show Track view
Insert Insert new track
Shift+B Show/hide Bus pane
V Show/hide Video Thumbnail pane
Alt+N Show/hide Navigator pane
X Show/hide Aim Assist line
F Resize all tracks vertically to fit in window
Shift+F Resize and zoom tracks to see entire project
Ctrl+Alt+H Show and fit selection
Ctrl+F Fit content
H Manage track visibility
Ctrl+Shift+H Show only selected tracks
Ctrl+H Hide selected tracks
Shift+H Show all tracks
Alt+Shift+H Open/Close current Track Folder
Shift+T Expand/Collapse Take lanes for current track
Shift+A Expand/Collapse Automation lanes for current track
Shift+PLUS (+) Insert new Automation lane in current track
Shift+Arrow Up Put focus in Track pane
Shift+Arrow Down Put focus in Bus pane
Alt+S Solo/unsolo current track
"COMMA ()" Select current track
SEMICOLON (;) Open Patch Browser for current MIDI track
Ctrl+F4 Close project
PLUS (+/=) Toggle current track’s Edit Filter between Track Volume and last/previous data type
Ctrl+Alt+X Cut Special
Ctrl+Alt+C Copy Special
"SHIFT+COMMA ()" Select and audition previous Take lane
Shift+PERIOD (.) Select and audition next Take lane
Tab Go to next audio transient or MIDI note in selected tracks (or current track if there is no selection)
Shift+Tab Go to previous audio transient or MIDI note in selected tracks (or current track if there is no selection)
minusplusTrack Zoom
Shift+Z Enable/disable Auto Zoom
Ctrl+Arrow Right Zoom in horizontally
Ctrl+Arrow Left Zoom out horizontally
Ctrl+Arrow Down Zoom all tracks in vertically
Ctrl+Arrow Up Zoom all tracks out vertically
Alt+Arrow Down Zoom out on all audio waveforms
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up Zoom in on current track’s audio waveforms
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down Zoom out on current track’s audio waveforms
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down Zoom current track in vertically
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up Zoom current track out vertically
Alt+Arrow Up Zoom in on all audio waveforms and MIDI notes
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down Increase current track height
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up Decrease current track height
Alt+UP/Arrow Down Scale audio waveform in all audio tracks and MIDI notes in all MIDI tracks
Ctrl+Alt+UP/Arrow Down Scale audio waveform in current audio track or scale MIDI notes in current MIDI track

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minusplus2. Transport
R Record
Shift+R Step Record on/off
Space Play/Stop
Ctrl+Space Stop with Now marker
Ctrl+W "Toggle ‘On stop, rewind to Now marker’ on/off"
Shift+Space Audition selection
G Go to time
Shift+G Go to selection start (From time)
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down Go to next marker
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up Go to previous marker
F3 Record metronome on/off
Ctrl+F3 Playback metronome on/off
Shift+F3 Open Metronome settings
L Loop on/off
Shift+M Set Measure/Beat at Now time

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minusplus3. Record
R Record
Shift+R Step Record on/off
Ctrl+R Arm all tracks for recording
Alt+R Toggle Track Arm for selected track
F3 Record metronome on/off

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Uploaded by CSHarpDude, updated on 10/28/2015