48 Shortcuts for CityEngine (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus48 Shortcuts for CityEngine (Windows)
Alt+LMB Rotate
Alt+MMB Track/pan
Alt+RMB Dolly
B Lookaround
LMB Apply tool/Replace selection
Shift+LMB Add to selection
Ctrl+LMB Toggle selection
Shift+Ctrl+LMB Remove from selection
A Frame all
DthenD Toggle information Display visibility
DthenN Toggle Navigation Display
DthenG Toggle Grid
DthenA Toggle Axes
DthenC Toggle Compass
F Frame selected
I Toggle Isolation
L Toggle scene light/head light
P Toggle between Perspective and orthogonal view
X Apply left/right side view (changes camera orientation only)
Y Apply top/bottom view (changes camera orientation only)
Z Apply front/back view (changes camera orientation only)
H Reset Camera view
NumPad Num Apply bookmark at position NamPad
Ctrl+NumPad Num Save current camera settings as bookmark at position NumPad
Ctrl+A Select all
4 Select wireframe mode
5 Select shaded mode
6 Select textured mode
7 Toggle wireframe on shaded
F9 Show/hide map layers
F10 Show/hide graph networks
F11 Show/hide shapes
F12 Show/hide models
Q Select selection tool/toggle selection modes
W Select translate tool
E Select rotate tool
R Select scale tool
S Select polygonal Shape creation tool
Shift+S Select rectangular Shape creation tool
G Select polygonal street creation tool
Shift+G Select manual street creation tool
MthenD Measure Distance tool
MthenA Measure Area tool
O Local edits tool
PgUp Select higher level in Local Edits Tool
PgDn Select lower level in Local Edits Tool
Home Select previous pattern
End Select next pattern


Sources: ESRI Help

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