27 Shortcuts for Compressor (Web Application)  [edit]

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  1. General

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minusplus1. General
Command+I Add a file
Option+Command+I Add a set of image sequence files
Ctrl+Command+I Add a set of surround sound files
Arrow Up Navigate up the list of jobs (in the batch area)
Arrow Down Navigate down the list of jobs (in the batch area)
Space Play/Pause the video
J Play the video in reverse
K Stop playback
L Play the video
I Set the In point
O Set the Out point
M Add a marker
Ctrl+; Go to the previous marker or In/Out point
Ctrl+ Go to the next marker or In/Out point
Command+B Start transcoding the batch
Command+1 Show the Current view
Command+2 Show the Active view
Command+3 Show the Completed view
Command+4 Show or hide the inspector pane
Command+5 Show or hide the Settings and Locations pane
Shift+Command+1 Show Settings
Shift+Command+2 Show Locations
Command+E Show the Network Encoding Monitor
Command+, Show the Compressor preferences window
Command+M Minimize the Compressor window
Command+W Close the Compressor window
Command+Q Quit Compressor

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