30 Shortcuts for Console2 (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus30 Shortcuts for Console2 (Windows)
Ctrl+S Settings dialog
F1 Help
Alt+F4 Exit Console
Ctrl+T New tab 1
Ctrl+F2 New tab 2
Ctrl+F3 New tab 3
Ctrl+F5 New tab 4
Ctrl+F6 New tab 5
Ctrl+F7 New tab 6
Ctrl+F8 New tab 7
Ctrl+F9 New tab 8
Ctrl+F10 New tab 9
Ctrl+1 Switch to tab 1
Ctrl+2 Switch to tab 2
Ctrl+3 Switch to tab 3
Ctrl+4 Switch to tab 4
Ctrl+5 Switch to tab 5
Ctrl+6 Switch to tab 6
Ctrl+7 Switch to tab 7
Ctrl+8 Switch to tab 8
Ctrl+9 Switch to tab 9
Ctrl+0 Switch to tab 10
Ctrl+Tab Next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Previous tab
Ctrl+F4 Close tab
Ctrl+R Rename tab
Ctrl+Shift+F1 Dump screen buffer
Ctrl+C Copy selection
Ctrl+Delete Clear selection
Ctrl+V Paste

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