20 Shortcuts for Corel Designer X7 (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus1. Zoom
F2 Zoom in Around Pointer
F3 Zoom out Around Pointer
F4 Zoom to All Objects
F5 Refresh Drawing Window
F6 Zoom to Selected Objects
F7 Zoom to Page

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minusplus2. MultiPoint Line
Click on PointsandInsert Add a point
Delete Delete Selected Point
F2 Activate X and Y box of Selected Point
Double Click Point To Activate Set Point Interactively Button

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minusplus3. Inserting Formatting Code
Ctrl+Shift+M Em Space
Ctrl+Shift+N En Space
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar 1/4 Em space
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar NonBreaking Space
Tab Tab
Ctrl+Enter Column Break/TextFrame Break
Alt+_ Em Dash
Alt+- En Dash
Ctrl+Shift+- NonBreaking Hyphen
Ctrl+- Optional Hyphen

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Sources: User Guide

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