15 Shortcuts for Dolphin File Manager 1.7 (Linux)  [edit]

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minusplus15 Shortcuts for Dolphin File Manager 1.7 (Linux)
Ctrl+Click Select multiple items, one at a time
Shift+Click Select multiple items, consecutive range
Ctrl+t New Tab
Ctrl+, Switch to next tab
Ctrl+. Switch to previous tab
Ctrl+l Show Full location
F3 Split View
Ctrl+1 View Mode 'Icons'
Ctrl+2 View Mode 'Details'
Ctrl+3 View Mode 'Columns'
F9 Go to Places
F11 Activate Information Panel
F7 View Folders Panel
F4 View Konsole Terminal Emulator
Shift+F4 View Konsole in new window

Uploaded by max, updated on 12/20/2011