37 Shortcuts for DraftSight (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus37 Shortcuts for DraftSight (Windows)
Ctrl+0 Maximizes the drawing area
Ctrl+1 Turns the Properties Palette On/Off
Ctrl+9 Turns the Command Window On/Off
Ctrl+A Selects All non-frozen entities in the current Viewport
Ctrl+B Toggles Snap Mode during Command execution
Ctrl+C Copies entities to the Clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+C Copies entities with a specified reference point to the clipboard
Ctrl+F Finds and replaces Text in Notes, Annotations, and Dimension Text
Ctrl+G Toggles Grid display during command execution
Ctrl+K Attaches a hyperlink to entities or modifies an existing hyperlink
Ctrl+L Toggles Ortho mode during command execution
Ctrl+N Creates a New drawing file
Ctrl+O Opens an existing drawing file
Ctrl+P Plots the drawing to a File,Printer,Plotter
Ctrl+Q Quit
Ctrl+R Cycles through Tiled Views without clicking
Ctrl+S Saves Drawing
Ctrl+Shift+S Saves with New Filename
Ctrl+V Paste Data
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste from the clipboard as a Block
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Delete Removes Selected
Shift Enforces Ortho Mode
Esc Cancels Current command
F1 Displays Online help
F2 Shows and hides the command history in a separate Command Window
F3 Turns EntitySnaps On/Off
F5 Switches the Isometric grid to next isoplane
F7 Turns Grid display On/Off
F8 Turns Ortho mode On/Off
F9 Turns Snap mode On/Off
F10 Turns Polar Guides On/Off
F11 Turns Entity Tracking On/Off
Ctrl+F4 Exits Drawing but not the program
Alt+F4 Exit Program

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