16 Shortcuts for Dropbox (Web Application)  [edit]

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Shortcuts are enabled / disabled in Account Settings -> (un)check 'enable' file browser keyboard shortcuts

minusplus16 Shortcuts for Dropbox (Web Application)
a Check all/no files
n Uncheck all files
c Copy checked files
m Move checked files
u Up a directory
p Check deleted files
i Invert checked files
/ Search
d Show/hide deleted files
esc Hide Popup/ back tally
? Show keyboard shortcuts
k / j Highlight previous / highlight next file
space Check highlighted file
o View highlighted file
minusplus1. Dropbox Screenshots (to disable/enable these shortcuts go to Settings > Preferences > Import > Screenshots > (checkbox)
PrtSc Save the screenshot to your Dropbox.
Ctrl + PrtSc Save the screenshot to your Dropbox and copy a link to the Clipboard.

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