50 Shortcuts for Edius (Windows)  [edit]

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  1. General

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minusplus1. General
Ctrl+Shift+B Add clip in player to asset bin
Shift+F Search frame - recorder
Ctrl+Shift+F Search frame - player
F12 Print to tape
Ctrl+N New project
Ctrl+Shift+N New sequence
Ctrl+O Open project
Ctrl+Shift+O Add file to recorder
Ctrl +Shift+P Open clip source file
Alt+Q Delete unused rendered files
Ctrl+S Save project
Ctrl+Shift+S Save as
Ctrl+T Create new freeze frame
Alt+A Delete audio from selected clip
BACKSPACE Delete gap
D Delete between in/out
Alt+D Ripple delete between in/out
Delete Delete
Alt+Delete Ripple delete
Alt+Shift+F Delete parts - video filters
Alt+Ctrl+F Delete parts - audio filter
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F Delete parts - all filter
Alt+Ctrl+G Delete parts - key
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+G Delete parts - transparency
Alt+Shift+H Delete volume setting
Alt+Ctrl+H Delete pan settings
Alt+T Delete transition between selected clips
Alt+Shift+T Delete parts - transition
Alt+Ctrl+T Delete parts - cross fade
Alt+V Delete video of selected clip
Shift+1 Select 1a track
Shift+2 Select 2a track
Shift+3 Select 3a track
Shift+4 Select 4a track
Shift+5 Select 1va/v track
Shift+6 Select 2va/v track
A Previous edit point
END Move to end
F Match frame recorder player
Alt+F Display master clip
F11 Print to file
HOME Move to start
Numpad+- Timecode jump (-)
Numpad++ Timecode jump (+)
pg dn Next edit point - trim
pg up Previous edit point - trim
Ctrl+Right Arrow Next edit point
S Next edit point
Shift+A Select all tracks
Ctrl+A Select all clips in selected tracks

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