50 Shortcuts for Evernote (MacOS)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. General Shortcuts
  2. Note Editor
minusplus1. General Shortcuts
+N New Note
+Shift+N New Notebook
Ctrl++N New Tag
Option++N New Evernote Window
+W Close
+S Save
Shift++P Page Setup
+P Print
Shift++M Merge Notes
Option++F Search Notes
Option++S Save Search
+R Reset Search
Option++T Show Toolbar
+1 List View
+2 Mixed View
+3 Thumbnail View
+M Minimize Window
+0 (zero) Activity

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minusplus2. Note Editor
+Y Quick Look Attachments
+Z Undo
Shift++Z Redo
+X/+C/+V Cut / Copy / Paste
Shift++V Paste Without Formatting
+A Select All
+F Find in Note
+G/Shift++G Find Next / Find Previous
+J Jump to Selection
+: Show Spelling and Grammar
+; Check Spelling
+T Show Fonts
Shift++C Show Colors
Shift++T Insert To-do
Shift++L Insert Table
Shift++H Insert Horizontal Rule
Shift++F Simplify Formatting
Shift++O Toggle Ordered List
Shift++U Toggle Bulleted List
Shift++Tab/Shift+Tab Increase List Level / Decrease List Level
+K Add Hyperlink
Shift++K Remove Hyperlink
+B Make selection bold
+I Make selection italic
+U Make selection underlined
Command+Ctrl+K Make selection strikethrough
+[+]/- Increase / Decrease Text Size
+{ Align Left
+} Align Right
+| Center
+Shift+D Insert Date at Cursor
+Shift+Option+D Insert Time at Cursor

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