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Jump to: Managing Firebug, HTML-Panel, CSS-Panel, Script-Panel

Many Shortcuts listed in the Firebug Help File are conflicting with Firefox Shortcuts. Below what I got working. Firebug also gives the possibility to setup custom shortcuts, which may help.

What I am missing is a shortcuts to jump to each panels (Console, Html, CSS, etc) directly or set the focus on Firebug.

1. Managing Firebug


Open and close Firebug Panel

+f, then shift+Tab

With Firebug Panel open, will put focus on the Panel (via the Firefox Find Box). Does not always work depending on what Panel is open


Open Firebug in window (for some reason sometimes pressing +f12 again closes Firefox, use +w to close the Firebug window instead


Toggle Inspect Mode


Focus Command Line


Focus Search Box


Firebug Help Page

2. HTML-Panel

Arrow Down/Arrow Up

One line down / one line up

+Arrow Down/+Arrow Up

One Node up / one Node down

Arrow Left/Arrow Right

Collapse / Expand current node

3. CSS-Panel


Jump to next / jump to previous field

Arrow Up/ arrow down field with number value

Increase / decrease number by 1

Page Up/ page down field with number value

Increase / decrease number by 10


Finish editing


Cancel editing

4. Script-Panel




Step Over


Step Into


Step Out

Click on line number

Toggle breakpoint

shift'click on line number

Disable breakpoint

right-click on line number

Edit breakpoint condition


Next / previous function on stack


Focus Scripts Location Menu


Focus Watch Side Panel

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