19 Shortcuts for Flash Movie Player (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. General

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minusplus1. General
Ctrl+O Open a file
Shift+Ctrl+O Open from web
Space Play or pause an open animation
Period Stop the playback
Ctrl+Arrow Left Previous movie
Ctrl+Arrow Right Next movie
Arrow Left Rewind 20 frames
Arrow Right Forward 20 frames
Alt+Arrow Left Rewind 1 frame
Alt+Arrow Right Forward 1 frame
Alt+Enter Enter/exit fullscreen mode
Esc (Fullscreen mode) Return from Fullscreen mode
Alt (Fullscreen mode) Show/hide the seek bar and controls
Alt+E Show/hide the Playlist Editor window
Alt+G Toggle Game Mode
Alt+S Take a snapshot
Ctrl+Arrow Up Volume Up
Ctrl+Arrow Down Volume Down
Ctrl+M Mute

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