14 Shortcuts for Fritzing (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Mouse control
  2. Additional Editing

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minusplus1. Mouse control
Mouse Clicking on a Part Selects the Part
Selecting+Dragging a Part in the Part Library to The Project View Lets you use the part in your project
Selecting+Dragging a part in the Project View Moves the part
Selecting+Dragging a part's connector/pin, then releasing the mouse on a second connector Creates a wire which goes out of the first connector, and by release connects to the second connector

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minusplus2. Additional Editing
Dragging or double clicking a wire Adds a bend point
Double clicking on a bend point Deletes the bend point
Alt+Dragging a bend point Creates a new wire coming out of the bend point
Alt+Dragging a wire segment Moves the wire segment without creating a bend point
Alt+Shift+Dragging a wire segment Constrains the wire to 45 degrees
Shift+Dragging a part Constrains movement to vertical or horizontal
Space+Dragging Moves the art board
Scroll Wheel Moves the art board
Right clicking on a part or wire Opens the right click menu
Control+Clicking a part Selects the part without releasing previously selected parts

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