19 Shortcuts for Gnome 2.32 (Linux)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. General
  2. Window Management

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It is very easy to customize these shortcuts and add many more shortcuts by going to System Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts in Ubuntu, or equivalent in other distros.

minusplus1. General
Alt+F1 Open the programs menu
Alt+F2 Open the 'Run Application' menu
Alt+F3 Focus the Deskbar dialog (if installed)
Shift+F10 Open the context menu for the selected item
printscreen Take a screenshot
Alt+printscreen Take a screenshot of the current window
Ctrl+Alt+Backspace Restart the X windows server. (Disabled by default in Ubuntu 9.04+. Here are
the instructions on how to re-enable
Ctrl+Alt+L Lock the screen
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Show the shutdown menu

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minusplus2. Window Management
Alt+Tab Cycle through open windows
Alt+F4 Close current window
Alt+F5 Unmaximize current window (if maximized)
Alt+F7/Alt+drag Move current window. Use mouse or arrow keys to move, then press any key or click the mouse to finish.
Alt+F8/Alt+middle click drag Resize current window. Use mouse or arrow up/arrow down to resize, then press any key or click the mouse to finish.
Alt+F9 Minimize current window
Alt+F10 Maximize the current window
Alt+Space Open the window menu.
Ctrl+Alt+D Minimize all windows and show desktop
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Keys Move to the workspace in the specified direction

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