19 Shortcuts for Google Calendar (Web Application)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Navigation
  2. Actions
  3. Application

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minusplus1. Navigation
K/J or p/N View previous/next period
R Refresh view
T View today
1 or D Day view
2 or W Week view
3 or M Month view
4 or X Custom view (default 4 weeks)
5 or A Agenda view

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minusplus2. Actions
C Create event
Q Quick add event
E Event details (after clicking an event's title bar)
Backspace or Delete Delete event (after clicking an event's title bar)
Ctrl+z or z Undo last action (if possible)

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minusplus3. Application
/ Focus the search box
Shift++ Focus the add a calendar box
Ctrl+P Print
S Settings
Ctrl+? or ? Show list of shortcut keys

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