13 Shortcuts for Google Instant Search (Web Application)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. In Search Box
  2. In Search Results

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minusplus1. In Search Box
az in Search Box Type search term, Instant Search updates as you type
enter in Search Box Jump from Search Box to Search Results (arrow icon left to first result appears)
arrow up / arrow down Choose Suggestions in Dropdown Selection List
az in Selection List Continue typing to update Search Results
enter in Selection List Update Search Result and jump to Search Results
arrow right in Search Selection List Open first result ('I'm feeling luck' feature)

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minusplus2. In Search Results
escape or az Return to search box. Instead escape, you can also just continue typing
arrow down / arrow up Jump to next / jump to previous search result (arrow icon moves to next result). arrow up on first result returns focus to Search Box.
enter in search result Open result page
shift+enter in search result Open result in new browser window
command+enter Open result in new background tab
command+shift+enter Open result in new foreground tab
option+enter in search result Download result

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