87 Shortcuts for HTML-Kit (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus87 Shortcuts for HTML-Kit (Windows)
Alt+F Open File Menu
Alt+E Open Edit Menu
Alt+H Open Help Menu
Alt+K Open Kit Menu
Alt+T Open Tools Menu
Alt+Home Go to Beginning of Current Row When Inside a Wrapped Line
Alt+End Go to End of Current Row When Inside a Wrapped Line
Alt+F2 Go to Last Caret Position
Alt+F4 Exit HTML-Kit Tools
Alt+V Preview ,Colorize and Invoke Visual Options
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+[ Go to Previous Paragraph
Ctrl+] Go to Next Paragraph
Ctrl++/Ctrl+- Zoom in/Zoom out
Ctrl+Backspace Delete One word From Left
Ctrl+Delete Delete One Word from Right
Ctrl+Down Arrow Scroll Visible Area of Document Down by One Line
Ctrl+End Go To End of Document
Ctrl+F Find Spcified Text
Ctrl+H Replace Specified Text
Ctrl+F2 Create Bookmark
Ctrl+F4 Close Current File
Ctrl+G Go to Specified Location to document
Ctrl+Home Go to Start of Document
Ctrl+K Invoke TwoStep Keyboard Shortcut based on Ctrl+K
Ctrl+J Invoke HTML-Kit Shorthand
Ctrl+F8 Preview as You Type
Ctrl+KandCtrl+D Duplicate Selected Text
Ctrl+KandCtrl+E Toggle Colorized Item
Ctrl+KandCtrl+F Toggle Folds in selected block of Lines
Ctrl+KandCtrl+F2 Highlight the Selected Text
Ctrl+KandCtrl+T Swap Current Line nd Previous Line
Ctrl+KandCtrl+V Paste While Maintaining Indents at Current Line
Ctrl+KandCtrl+W Toggle WorWrap Mode
Ctrl+KandCtrl+Shift+F2 Remove All Marks in document
Ctrl+Left Arrow Go to Previous Word
Ctrl+M Find Matching Character==,{},(),<>
Ctrl+N New document
Ctrl+O Open One or More Files
Ctrl+P Invoke Two Step Keyboard Shortcut based on Ctrl+P
Ctrl+Q Invoke Two Step Keyboard Shortcut based on Ctrl+Q
Ctrl+QandCtrl+B Open Internal Browser Window
Ctrl+QandCtrl+F Open Selected File Name
Ctrl+QandCtrl+L Open Last Opened File
Ctrl+QandCtrl+O Open Files From current Document
Ctrl+QandCtrl+S Save All modified Documents
Ctrl+Right Arrow Go to Next word
Ctrl+S Save Current File
Ctrl+Shift+[ Select from Current Position to Previous Paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+] Select from Current Position to Next Paragraph
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Delete from Current Position to start of Line
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete from Current Position to End of Line
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
End Go to End of Line
F1 Open Online References Dialog
F2 Go to Next Bookmark
F3 Go to Next Occurance of Specified Text
F11 Show/hide Action Bar
Ctrl+T Invoke Two step Keyboard Shortcut based on Ctrl+T
Ctrl+TandCtrl+C Copy tag at Caret
Ctrl+TandCtrl+E insert end tag for the last start tag
Ctrl+TandCtrl+M Go to Matching Tag
Ctrl+TandCtrl+T Select tag at Caret
Ctrl+TandCtrl+X Cut Tag at Caret
Ctrl+U Upload Current document to Remote Folder
Ctrl+Up Arrow Scroll Visible Area of Document Up by One Line
F9 Check,Correct,Convert and Format HTML/XHTML/XML
Shift+Alt+F2 Toggle Folded Section at Cursor
Ctrl+Shift+End/Ctrl+Shift+Home Select from Current Position to End/Start of Document
Ctrl+Shift+F11 Maximize/Normalize Size of Editor Space
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Clear All Bookmarks in current document
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Close one or more Project Windows, optionally along with Project Files
Ctrl+Shift+H Replace
Ctrl+Shift+I Insert a Code Snippet to Current Document
Ctrl+Shift+J Display A list of Text scanned from Document
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow/Right Arrow Select From current Position to Previous/Next Word
Ctrl+Shift+N Create New Document
Ctrl+Shift+O Open Project
Ctrl+Shift+S Save Project
Ctrl+Shift+T Add A New Snippet to List
Shift+F2 Go t o Previous Bookmark
Shift+F9 Copy Content in Current Window to Edit Window
Tab/Shift+Tab Indent/Unindent Selected Text or Current ine

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