Shortcuts for HipChat

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1. Room Actions

/join 'RoomName'

Enter an existing HipChat Room


Leave the Room that you have joined

/topic 'NewTopicName'

Change the Topic of the Current Room

2. Setting Your Status

/available Msg

Set status as Available(Green) and Optionally include the Msg

/away Msg

Set status as Away(Yellow) and Optionally include the Msg

/dnd Msg

Set status as Do Not Disturb(Red) and Optionally include the Msg

3. Formatting Message

/code CodeBlock

Display the message with Code Syntax highlighting

/quote message

Use Special Message formatting when you quote someone


Clear chat history in current room

/me message

Chat about yourself in the third person

s/misspelled word/corrected word/

Fix Your Typos


Show hexadecimal web colors right in HipChat

Created by rank17 on 4/30/2017


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HipChat Shortcuts

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