26 Shortcuts for Notes 9.0 (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus26 Shortcuts for Notes 9.0 (Windows)
Ctrl+Shift+L Display All Useful Shortcuts
Alt+A Access Actions with in Document
Alt+F File Menu
Alt+E Edit Menu
Alt+Down Arrow Open DropDown Controls such as Combo Box etc.
Alt+- Open Size Menu for Pane Borders
Alt+Spacebar Open Menu that perform Window Operation like Restore, Minimize , Maximize etc
Arrow Keys Navigate Keys by DatePicker in Calender
Left Arrow/Right Arrow Navigate Tabs in Horizontal List
Up Arrow/Down Arrow Navigate Tabs in Vertical List
Alt+B Access Open Menu
Ctrl+F OPen Find Dialog Box
Ctrl+F7 Access Sidebar
Ctrl+F7thenUp Arrow/Down Arrow Move to selected Window Panel
PgUp/PgDn Navigate Pages in Calender
Ctrl+Tab Navigate Forward in Tab Order
Ctrl+W Close Current Page
Enter Expand/Collapse Category/Folder
Esc Exit Current Element
F1 Help
F6 Cycle through All Panes in Open Perspective
- Collapse Category/Folder
Shift+F10 Open Context Menu
Shift++ Expand Category/Folder/Thread
Shift+Tab Navigate backward in Tab Order
Tab Navigate Forward in Tab Order

Uploaded by rank17, updated on 6/2/2017