43 Shortcuts for Jaws 11.0 (Windows)  [edit]

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Versions: 11.0 [add]

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minusplus1. Reading Commands
Numpad 5 Say current character
Insert+Numpad 5 Say current word
Insert+Down arrow Say all from cursor
Insert+T Read Title Bar
Ctrl Interrupt speech (stop talking)

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minusplus2. Cursor and Mouse commands
Numpad - Enable JAWS cursor (routes arrow keys to mouse pointer)
Arrow keys Move mouse pointer (with JAWS cursor enabled)
Ctrl+Arrow keys Move mouse pointer to next item (with JAWS cursor enabled)
Numpad / Left-click (with JAWS cursor enabled)
Numpad * Right-click (with JAWS cursor enabled)
Numpad + Enable PC cursor (default cursor mode)

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minusplus3. Navigation in HTML (Internet browsing)
Insert+F6 Open Headings List
Insert+F3 Open HTML Features list
Insert+F7 Open Links List
Tab Next Link (Shift + Tab for previous
V Next Visited Link (Shift + V for previous)
Shift + Enter Open Link in new window
Ctrl + F Jaws Find
H Next Heading (Shift + H for previous)
A Next Radio Button (Shift + A for previous)
C Next Combo Box (Shift + C for previous)
E Next Edit field (Shift + E for previous)
B Next Button (Shift + B for previous)
D Next Different Type Element (Shift + D for previous)
F Next Form Control (Shift + F for previous)
G Next Graphic (Shift + G for previous)
I Next item in a list (Shift + I for previous)
L Next List (Shift + L for previous)
M Next Frame (Shift + M for previous)
N Next non-link text (Shift + N for previous)
O Next Object Tag (Shift + O for previous)
P Next Paragraph (Shift + P for previous)
Q Next Main Region (Shift + Q for previous)
R Next Region (Shift + R for previous)
S Next Same-type element (Shift + S for previous)
T Next Table (Shift + T for previous)
U Next Unvisited Link (Shift + U for previous)
W Next Word from List (Shift + W for previous)
X Next Check Box (Shift + X for previous)
Y Next Span (Shift + Y for previous)
Z Next Division (Shift + Z for previous)
Alt+left arrow Back a page
Alt+right arrow Forward a page

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