53 Shortcuts for Jupyter Notebook (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus1. Command Mode (press Esc to enable)
Enter enter edit mode
Shift+­Enter run cell, select below
Ctrl+Enter run cell
Alt+Enter run cell, insert below
Y to code
M to markdown
R to raw
1 to heading 1
2,3,4,5,6 to heading 2,3,4,5,6
Up/K select cell above
Down/J select cell below
A/B insert cell above/­below
X cut selected cell
C copy selected cell
Shift+V paste cell above
V paste cell below
Z undo last cell deletion
D delete selected cell
Shift+M merge cell below
Ctrl+S Save and Checkpoint
L toggle line numbers
O toggle output
Shift+O toggle output scrolling
Esc close pager
H show keyboard shortcut help dialog
I interrupt kernel
0 restart kernel
Space scroll down
ShiftSpace scroll up
Shift ignore

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minusplus2. Edit Mode (press Enter to enable)
Tab code completion or indent
Shift+Tab tooltip
Ctrl+] indent
Ctrl+[ dedent
Ctrl+A select all
Ctrl+Z undo
Ctrl+S­hift+Z redo
Ctrl+Y redo
Ctrl+Home go to cell start
Ctrl+Up go to cell start
Ctrl+End go to cell end
Ctrl+Down go to cell end
Ctrl+Left go one word left
Ctrl+Right go one word right
Ctrl+B­ack­space delete word before
Ctrl+D­elete delete word after
Esc command mode
Ctrl+M command mode
Ctrl+S­hift+minus split cell
Ctrl+S Save and Checkpoint
Up move cursor up or previous cell
Down move cursor down or next cell
Ctrl+/ toggle comment on current or selected lines

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Uploaded by SarthakMenpara, updated on 6/19/2017