66 Shortcuts for KiCAD (Linux)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. EE Schema
  2. PCB

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minusplus1. EE Schema
? Help
F1 Zoom In
F2 Zoom Out
F3 Zoom Redraw
F4 Zoom Center
Home Fit on Screen
Del Delete Item
Insert Repeat Lest Item
Tab Move Block -> Drag Block
M Move Item
C Copy Component or Label
G Drag Item
A Add Component
P Add Power
R Rotate Item
X Mirror X Component
Y Mirror Y Component
N Orient Normal Component
E Edit Item
V Edit Value
U Edit Reference
F Edit Footprint
W Begin Wire
B Begin Bus
K End Line Wire Bus
L Add Label
H Add Hierarchical Label
J Add Junction
Q Add No Connect Flag
S Add Sheet
Z Add Wire Entry
/ Add Bus Entry

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minusplus2. PCB
Spacebar Reset Local Coordinates
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
K Track Display Mode
Delete Delete
Backspace Delete Track Segment
X Add New Track
V Add Via
Ctrl+V Add Microvia
/ Switch Track Posture
D Drag Track, Keep Slope
P Place Item
C Copy Item
End End Track
M Move Item
F Flip Item
R Rotate Item
G Drag Item
T Get and Move Footprint
L Lock/Unlock Footprint
Ctrl+S Save Board
Ctrl+L Load Board
Ctrl+F Find Item
End Edit Item
PgDn Switch to Cooper Layer
F5 Switch to Inner Layer 1
F6 Switch to Inner Layer 2
PgUp Switch to Component Layer
+ Switch to Next Layer
- Switch to Previous Layer
O Add Module
W Switch Track Width to Next
Ctrl+W Switch Track Width to Previous
H Switch Highcontrast Mode

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Uploaded by rank17, updated on 8/10/2017