31 Shortcuts for Lightworks (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus31 Shortcuts for Lightworks (Windows)
Alt+B Insert New Blank Row
Ctrl+Delete Delete Current Entry
Alt+D Duplicates Current Row
Alt+H Store Current Row
Alt+I Insert Default Field Valueds into Current Row
Alt+F Paste Stored Database Field
Ctrl+PgUp To go First Row in Bin
Ctrl+PgDn To go first row in BIn
Alt+T Delete Current Row
Alt+U Undo Insert Default Values
Alt+Y Paste Current Row
Down Arrow To Move Next Row
Up Arrow To Move Previous Row
Left Arrow To Move Previous Field
Right Arrow To Move Next Field
J Play Backwards
K Stop Playing
L Play Forwards
PgDn Scroll Down
PgUp Scroll Up
Alt+M Selected Section of Audio Moves from Source Track to Destination Track
Alt+S Selected Section of Audio Copies from Source Track to Destination Track
Tab Moves Right to Next Field
Shift+Tab Moves Left to Previous Field
X Move Image Horizontally
Y Positions Image Vertically
Z Rotate Image Diagonally
Alt+1 Enable Single Playing
Alt+2 Enable Twin Playing
Alt+3 Enable Locked Playing
Alt+A Step PullDown Sequence

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