17 Shortcuts for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. PlayBack Functions

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minusplus1. PlayBack Functions
Space bar Start/stop
L/Shift+L Increase playback speed in
K Stop playback
J/Shift+J Reduce playback speed in
stages until negative direction
Shift+Left arrow Accelerate playback speed in positive direction
Shift+Right Arrow Accelerate playback speed in negative direction
Reserved Restart beginning at playback
Pos 1 Playback marker back to the
End Playback marker to end
# Play from range start to range end
+ Playback at current frame
P Activate smooth playback for
Left arrow 1 frame back
Right arrow 1 frame forward
Ctrl+Left arrow 5 frame back
Ctrl+Right arrow 5 frame forward
Ctrl+Enter Set project marker

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Uploaded by Chirag, updated on 5/27/2017