22 Shortcuts for Media Player Classic (MPC) (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Most used
  2. Mouse
  3. Jump
  4. Various

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MPC shortcuts can re redefined in View \Options\Player\Keys.

minusplus1. Most used
Space Play/pause
Alt+Enter Fullscreen
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Volume
W Subtitle on/off
S Subtitle cycle
A Audio cycle

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minusplus2. Mouse
Click Play/pause
Double click Fullscreen
Scroll Volume
Right click Local menu

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minusplus3. Jump
Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Jump to keyframe
Arrow Left/Arrow Right Medium jump (~5-20 sec)
Ctrl+G Goto time

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minusplus4. Various
O Options
B Boss key
Shift+F10 File properties
Alt+I Save picture
Ctrl+I Show time
Ctrl+7 Playlist
1 Minimal view
2 Compact view
3 Normal view

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