65 Shortcuts for MediaMonkey (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus1. Standard Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl+P Play/Pause
Ctrl+B/Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Previous Track
Ctrl+N/Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow Next Track
Ctrl+Shift+B Back 5 Seconds
Ctrl+Shift+N Forward 5 Seconds
Ctrl+O Stop
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Volume Up
Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Volume Down
Enter Play (selected Tracks) Now (can be changed by modifying 'Double-click action')
Alt+Enter Play (selected Track) Now - Alternate
Ctrl+Enter Play (selected Tracks) After Others
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Play (selected Tracks) Next
Shift+Enter Edit Properties of selected Tracks
Alt+Right Arrow Advance Track in Property Editor
Alt+Left Arrow Previous Track in Property Editor
Delete Delete Selected Tracks (recycle bin)
Shift+Delete Permanently Delete Selected Tracks
Home Select First Track
End Select Last Track
Ctrl+A Select All Tracks
Ctrl+F/F3 Search
Ctrl+L Auto-Tag from Amazon
Ctrl+T Auto-Tag from filename
Ctrl+R Auto-Organize
Ctrl+S Synchronize Tags
Ctrl+Shift+R Rip Audio CD
Ctrl+Shift+C Convert Audio Format
Ctrl+Shift+D Burn Audio CD
Ctrl+Shift+P Save Preview
Alt+Left Arrow Previous node back
Alt+Right Arrow Previous node forward
Ctrl+NumPad + Resize Columns
F5 Refresh View
Alt+F5/Ctrl+Alt+F5 Refresh play order to match sort order (in Playlist nodes)
F6 Show Now Playing node
F7/Alt+Home Show Library node (collapsed)
F8 Show Artists node
F9 Show Albums node
F10 Show Genre node
F11 Show Year node
Ctrl+Alt+A View Album Art (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+P View Properties editor (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+L View Player (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+N View Now Playing dialog (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+V View Visualization (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+E View Equalizer (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+M Switch to Party Mode (toggle)

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minusplus2. Mouse Gestures
Double Click Icon Restore application
Click Icon Play/Pause
Drag Left on Icon Previous Track
Drag Right on Icon Next Track
Drag Up on Icon Volume Up
Drag Down on Icon Volume Down

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minusplus3. Numeric Shortcuts(Numeric Keypad)
Enter Play Selected Track
0 Play/Pause
+ Show Now Playing
1 Backward 5 Seconds
2 Volume Down
3 Forward 5 Seconds
4 Balance Left
5 Balance Center
6 Balance Right
7 Previous Track
8 Volume Up
9 Next Track

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Sources: Webhelp

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