54 Shortcuts for MetaTrader MT4 (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus1. Function Key Shortcuts
F1 Open Metatrader User Guide
F2 Open History Center Window
F3 Open Global Variables Window
F4 Download Metaeditor
F5 Switch to Next Profile
Shift+F12 Revert to Previous Profile
F6 Call Tester Window for Testing Expert Attached to the Chart
F7 Call the properties Window of the expert atched to their chart window in order to Change Settings
F8 Call Chart SetUp Window
F9 Call New Order Window
F10 Open PopUp Prices Window
F11 Enable/Disable Full Screen Mode
F12 Move Chart by One Bar to Left
Shift+F12 Move Chart by One bar to Right
Ctrl+F6 Activate Next Chart Window
Ctrl+F9 Open Terminal Trade Window and Switch the focus into it

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minusplus2. Miscellaneous Shortcuts
Ctrl+A Arrange All indicators Windows heights by Default
Ctrl+B Call the Objects List Window
Ctrl+C Copy to Clipboard
Ctrl+D Open/Close Data Window
Ctrl+E Enable/Disable Expert Advisor
Ctrl+F Enable Crosshair
Ctrl+G Show/Hide Grid
Ctrl+H Show/Hide OHLC Line
Ctrl+I Call Indicators List Window
Ctrl+L Show/Hide Volumes
Ctrl+M Open/Close market Watch Window
Ctrl+N Open/Close Navigator Window
Ctrl+O Open SetUp Window
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+R Open/Close Tester Window
Ctrl+T Open/Close Terminal Window
Ctrl+W Close Window
Ctrl+Y Show/Hide Period Seperation
Ctrl+Z Undo Previous Object Deletion
+/- Chart Zoom in/Zoom out
Delete Delete Latest Objects Imposed into Chart Window
Enter Open/Close Navigation Window
Alt+1 Display Chart as Sequence of Bar
Alt+2 Display Chart as Sequence of Candlesticks
Alt+3 Display Chart as Broken Line
Alt+A Copy All Test/Optimisation Results into Clipboard
Alt+W Call Chart Managing Window
Alt+F4 Close Client Terminal
Alt+Delete Undo Object Deletion

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minusplus3. Navigation
Home Move Chart to Start Point
End Move Chart to End Point
Delete Delete All Selected Object
PgUp Fast Chart Scrolling to Left
PgDn Fast Chart Scrolling to Right
Left Arrow Chart Scrolling Left
Right Arrow Chart Scrolling Right
Up Arrow Fast Chart Scrolling Left ot Chart Scrolling Up
Down Arrow Fast Chart Scrolling Right or Chart scrolling Down

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Sources: MT4 Shortcuts

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