53 Shortcuts for MindManager v19 (Windows)  [edit]

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Versions: v19 [add]

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This is based on MindManager 2012.
Previous and Next means topic level in the mindmap. This can be horizontally up-down-left-right depending on the structure of the map.

The official page on mindJjt.com for shortcuts is here: http://onlinehelp.mindjet.com/help/Mindmanager/19/JA/keyboard_shortcuts.htm

minusplus1. Most used
minusplusSame level
Enter Add topic (sibling, next, same level)
Shift+Enter Add topic as previous (sibling, same level)
Delete Delete (and all subtopics)
minusplusPrevious/next level
Insert Insert subtopic (next)
Ctrl+Shift+Insert Iinsert parent topic (previous)
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Cut-out (delete topic, and shift-up subtopics one level; good to remove an accidentally inserted parent)

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minusplus2. Moving the blue box
Arrow Keys move in direction
Home/End uppermost/bottom on the same level
Tab/Shift+Tab previous or next (often same as arrows)
Ctrl+Home/End central/lowest
Shift+Arrow Keys select while moving

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minusplus3. Viewing
Ctrl+Shift+[+]/Ctrl+- or ctrl+Mouse wheel Zoom
Ctrl+D Expand (re-close at end)
F11 Notes
F3 Focus on Topic - Centers the selected topic and collapse all other topics
F4 Isolate/Others (good for focusing in a branch in a large map)

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minusplus4. Reorganizing
Shift+Left-Click Drag Break off (becomes a floating topic). i.e. Stops the topic from connecting to any other topic.
Alt+Left-Click Drag Position (preserves link). Allows topic move into a position that overlaps other topics.
Ctrl+Drag Duplicate (either as sibling, or floating topic)
Right click+Drag Drag map
Ctrl+Wheel Zoom
minusplusBox formatting
Ctrl+B/I/U Bold, Italics, Underline (common in Windows)
Ctrl+Shift+F/C Font and Background
Ctrl+Shift+</> Font size
minusplusMove topics
Ctrl+Alt+arrow up/down Move topic up/down one position (remains on same level in hierachy)
Ctrl+Alt+Home/End Move topic top/bottom (remains on same level in hierarchy)
Ctrl+X/V Cut/paste as sub
Ctrl+Shift+V/Ctrl+Alt+V Paste as callout/same level (this latter is rarely used)
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab/Alt+arrow left/right Next/previous open map (Tab: Win default to cycle open documents within a program.)
minusplusSee maps better
Ctrl+F5 Fit-to-screen
Ctrl+F3 Collapse-and-center
Ctrl+D Expand
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Scroll page
minusplusBranches into maps
Shift+f10, d, m Break off big chunk to a new map, hyperlinked back-and-forth
Shift+f10, s, a Insert map as new subtopic, hyperlinked back-and-forth (for big files, or to keep separate)
Ctrl+Shift+H/T Insert map as attachment/manage it (for small files, or to keep together)
Ctrl+J/K Hyperlink open/create
minusplusRelationship, boundary
alt,n,r,n Relationship new
Ctrl+Shift+B Boundary inserting

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minusplus5. Add info
Ctrl+T Notes (add extra details as notes to keep the map short)
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Callout topic (bubble box)
Shift+f10,a,a Add a new tag (little yellow label-box)
Ctrl+Shift+K/Ctrl+K Hyperlink (local files, http; good for big files) (MS Office uses the ctrl+shift+k shortcut) (can point to maps, too)
Ctrl+Shift+H/T Attachment / manage attachment (stored as part of the mmap file, good for small files)
Ctrl+Shift+N Add a complete map-part from the Map Parts pane

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minusplus6. Tasks and ToDos
Ctrl+Shift+0...9 Priority (zero removes priority icon; click to cycle it)
alt,h,o,arrow up/down,enter Progress (click to cycle it)
Ctrl+0...9 Icons
Icons can be linked to these shortcuts trough the Library pane. For this, click on the Task Panes icon in the lower right corner, select Library, Icons, click the icon's drop down list and select shortcut key.
Ctrl+Shift+S Strikethrough (to cross out in a todo list)

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minusplus7. Help and Shortcuts
F1 Help (Windows default)
alt,e,h Shortcuts
alt,f,t Options (Useful to bring back the options pane when when checking the effects of changing options, as there is no 'Apply' button on options, only OK).
alt,r,s Spelling dialogue (to turn-off spell checker for non-English languages)

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Sources: Mindjet Mindmanager online help

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