22 Shortcuts for Monday.com (MacOS)  [edit]

minusplus22 Shortcuts for Monday.com (MacOS)
Shift+? Open Shortcut Cheat Sheet
Command+B Bolt Switch - switch between boards
Esc Close Pulse Page, Dialogs, or Search
Arrow Keys Navigate up/down/left/right
Tab/Shift+Tab Navigate to next cell/ previous cell
Enter Edit cell content
Delete Clear cell content
Space Open column view
Command+F Search Boards
Command+Enter Enter an Update
Esc Close an Update
Esc Exit fullscreen mode
Command+B Search Boards with BoltSwitch
Command+F Search Board/ Find
Command+C Copy cell content
Command+X Cut cell content
Command+V Paste cell content
Command+Enter Select pulse
Shift+Enter Select range of pulses
Command+Shift+ click desired item(s) Select multipe items
Command+Shift+G Collapes/ expand Group
Command+Shift+ 7 and Command+Shift+8 Add numbered and bulleted lists

Uploaded by max, updated on 5/21/2020