22 Shortcuts for Apple Notes (MacOS)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. General
  2. Editing Notes
minusplus1. General
Command+N Create New Note
Command+Shift+N Create New Folder
Command+0 Show Main Notes Window
Command+1 Show/Hide Attachments Browser
Command+Option+F Search All Notes
Tab Move between Sidebars/NotesList/Search Fields(Not in EditMode)
Return Start Typing in Note Selected in Note List
Command+Return Go back to Note List after Entering in Insertion Point
Command+P Print Note

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minusplus2. Editing Notes
Command+Shift+A Attach File
Command+Shift+T Apply Title Format
Command+Shift+H Apply Heading Format
Command+Shift+B Apply Body Format
Command+Shift+L Apply Checklist Format
Command+K Create Link
Command+]/Tab Increase List Level
Command+[/Shift+Tab Decrease List Level
Shift+Return Add a Line Break
Option+Tab Insert a Tab Character in List Item
Command+Shift+U Mark/Unmark Checklist Item
Command+Shift+0 Change Size of Note's Contents to Default
Command+Shift+>/Command+Shift+< Zoom in/Zoom out on Note's Content

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