27 Shortcuts for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20 (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Navigation
  2. Trim
  3. Normal Operation

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minusplus1. Navigation
D Go to Mark In
F Go to Mark Out
E/Home Go to Start
R/End Go to End
PgUp Go to Previous Page of StoryBoard/Timeline
PgDn Go to Next Page of StoryBoard/Timeline
Ctrl+PgUp Go to Previous Menu Chapter
Ctrl+PgDn Go to Next Menu Chapter
Left Arrow Selecte Previous Clip
Right Arrow Select Next Clip
X/Ctrl+Up Arrow Step Forward 1 Frame
Y/Ctrl+Down Arrow Step Backward 1 Frame

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minusplus2. Trim
Ctrl+Left Arrow Trim in point by -1 Frame
Ctrl+Right Arrow Trim in point by +1 Frame
Alt+Left Arrow Trim out point by -1 Frame
Alt+Right Arrow Trim out point by +1 Frame
I/O Mark In/Out
G Clear Mark in/Mark out

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minusplus3. Normal Operation
Spacebar Play/Pause
K Play at Normal speed
L Fast Forward
J Fast Backward
NumPad +/NumPad - Zoom in/Zoom out in Timeline
C Set Menu Chapter
V Clear Menu Chapter
M Set Return to Menu
Delete Delete Selected Clips

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Uploaded by rank17, updated on 5/24/2017