47 Shortcuts for Plex (Windows)  [edit]

Platform: win, mac [add]

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minusplus1. Graphics(Audio/Video) Control
Spacebar/P Play/Pause
X Stop
Esc Exit
F Fast forward
R Rewind
Up Arrow+] Forward 10 minute or next video
Right Arrow+. Forward 30 seconds/Next track
Down Arrow+[ Backward 10 minutes
Left Arrow+, Backward 30 seconds/Previous track
M On screen menu
H/Tab Exit main menu
A Cycle through audio tracks
S Subtitle on/off
O Progress bar
I Playback Info Diagnostic
L Cycle through subtitle
Z Cycle through view modes
+/- Increse/Decrese Volume
F6 Media Items
Up arrow Move Up
Down Arrow Move Down
Right Arrow Move Right
Left Arrow Move Left
Enter Select current item
H Back to Homescreen
Ctrl+A Switches to the previous audio track
Ctrl+L Switch to previous subtitle track
Alt+A Increase audio delay
Alt+S Increase Subtitle delay
Alt+Shift+A Decrease audio delay
Alt+Shift+S Decrease subtitle delay

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minusplus2. Navigation Controls
Left Arrow Navigate left
Right Arrow Navigate Right
Up Arrow Navigate Up
Down Arrow Navigate Down
Esc Exit/Back
Enter Select current item
P Start Playback of selected item
C Open Context Menu
H Go to homescreen
\ Window/FullScreen mode
Q Perform the add to up next action
Shift+A..Z Go to items beginning with the specified letter

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minusplus3. Window Control
F11/Alt+Enter FullScreen Desktop(From Windowed)
Shift+F11 Fullscreen TV(From Windowed)
F11/Shift+F11/Alt+Enter Exit FullScreen to Windowed
Win+Down Arrow Minimize Windows

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