27 Shortcuts for Prezi (Web Application)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Editing
  2. Presenting

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minusplus1. Editing
F Draw frame. Press again to change frame type (bracket, circle, rectangle or hidden)
L Load a file on canvas (image, video, PDF, SWF)
S Draw a shape. Press again to change shape type (arrow, line, rectangle, circle, triangle).
P Go to Path mode
1/2 Zoom in / Zoom Out
3/4 Rotate clockwise / counter-clockwise
Delete, Backspace Delete selected object(s)
Arrow Keys Move the selection 1 pixels
Shift+Arrow Keys Move the selection 10 pixels
Alt+ mouse Move, resize, or rotate a frame without altering the content of that frame.
Ctrl+S Save prezi
Ctrl+D Duplicate selected object(s)
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V Copy selected object(s)
Ctrl+Shift+M Toggle Screen Mode Ratio between the values: 4:3, 16:9, and off.
Ctrl+Shift+C Opens the Prezi CSS editor.
Ctrl+Shift+D Duplicates and flips your content, creating a mirrored version of your content (works for images and arrows but not text).
Esc Finish current action or close open dialog
Space Enter Present Mode
Space, then 0 Enter Present Mode in fullscreen
Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y Undo / Redo last action

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minusplus2. Presenting
Arrow Right / Arrow Left Move Forward / move Backward along the Path
Arrow Up / Arrow Down Smart Zoom in / out
B Blackout the screen (move your mouse or press any other key to go back to presenting)
Q Enable laser pointer (in "Present" Mode only)
Space Advance along the path (only in Present mode fullscreen)
Page Up / Page Down Move Forward and Back along the Path (not in full screen)
Esc End presentation

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