30 Shortcuts for Tencent QQ Player (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus30 Shortcuts for Tencent QQ Player (Windows)
Ctrl+O Open File
Enter Switch Full Screen Mode
Spacebar/Left Click Play/Pause
Previous On a file
Left Arrow Fast Forward
Down Arrow Volume Down
Up Arrow Volume Up
M Mute
Ctrl+A Screenshot
F4 Control Panel
Mouse Operation Function
Ctrl+F Open the Folder
Shift+Enter Fans you switch
T Always on Top
Next Next file
Right Arrow Rewind
Ctrl+C Close the file
F3 Playlist
F5 Parameter settings
Double Click Toggle fullscreen
Alt+O Load Subtitle to Add A Subtitle File
Shift+[ Subtitle Forward by 0.5 Seconds
Shift+] Subtitle Rewind by 0.5 Seconds
Ctrl+Right Arrow 30 Second Forward
Ctrl+Left Arrow 30 second Backward
Alt+S Save Thumbnail
F Move to Next Frame
Ctrl+U Open URL
Alt+F4 Exit and Quit
Esc Pause and Minimize

Uploaded by rank17, updated on 6/8/2017