22 Shortcuts for Red Hat Enterprise (Linux)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Task
  2. Web Browser

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minusplus1. Task
Ctrl+Alt+Backspace Kills current X Session
Ctrl+Alt+Del Shut Down Red Hat Enterprise Linux System
Ctrl+Alt+Fn Switch Screens
Alt+Tab Switches Tasks in Graphical Desktop Environment
Ctrl+A Move cursur to beginning of a line
Ctrl+D Logout and Close Shell Prompt
Ctrl+E Move cursur to end of a line
Ctrl+I Clears the Terminal
Ctrl+U Clears the current line
MMB Paste Highlighted Text
Tab Command Autocomplete
Up Arrow/Down Arrow Shows Command History

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minusplus2. Web Browser
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab for browsing multiple websites within one browser window
Ctrl+N Opens a new browser window
Ctrl+Q Closes all browser windows and exits the application
Ctrl+L Moves the cursor to the browser's address field
Ctrl+P Prints the current displayed webpage or document
Ctrl+Right Arrow Moves forward by one link or page
Ctrl+Left Arrow Moves backward by one link or page
Ctrl+R Reloads the current page
Ctrl+H Opens the browsing history
Ctrl+F Finds a keyword or string within a page

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