47 Shortcuts for SAP Web IDE (MacOS)  [edit]

minusplus47 Shortcuts for SAP Web IDE (MacOS)
Command+Option+N New file
Command+Option+Shift+N New folder
Command+Option+Shift+O New project
Command+Option+Shift+E New Extension project
Option+W Close file
Option+Shift+W Close all files
Command+S Save file
Command+Shift+S Save all files
Ctrl+Space Show Code Completion Suggestions
Command+Z Undo
Command+Y Redo
Command+X Cut/ Copy/ Paste
F2 Rename file or folder
Delete Delete
Option+R Move to the tab on the right
Option+Q Move to the tab on the left
Command+Option+R Navigate back to the previous file
Command+Option+Y Navigate forward
Command+Shift+9 Navigate to the file that was edited last
Command+I Show/Hide all characters
Command+/ Toggle line comment (Option+H on German language keyboard)
Command+Shift+/ Toggle block comment (Command+Shift+7 on German language keyboard)
Command+Option+T Add todo comment
Tab Indent/ Outdent line
Option+Arrow Up/Arrow Down Move lines up / down
Option+Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down Copy lines up / down
Command+Option+B Beautify file format
Command+Option+J Generate JSDoc Comment
Command+Option+G Goto JavaScript definition
Option+Shift+R Run
Command+Option+Shift+R Run without frame
Command+F Find
Command+H Find and replace
Ctrl+Option+W Find references
Command+Shift+F Advanced repository search
Command+M Maximize/Restore Active Editor
Command+Shift+M View console
Command+Shift+V View Git pane
Command+Shift+U View outline
Command+Option+P View Problems
Command+. Open Preferences perspective
Command+Shift+E Open Extensibility pane
Command+Shift+R Open Resource
Command+3 Open Quick Access dialog box
Command+L Go to Line
Option+J Refactor
Option+I Open I18n/ internationalization

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