32 Shortcuts for Scottrade (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus32 Shortcuts for Scottrade (Windows)
Ctrl+O Open Order Entry Window
Ctrl+Shift+F1 Buy At Market
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Sell At Market
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Selll Short At Market
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Buy to Cover at Market
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Buy to Cover Limit at Ask
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Sell Limit at Bid
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Buy to Cover Limit at Ask
Ctrl+Shift+F8 Sell Short Limit At Bid
Ctrl+Shift+C Open Chart Window
Ctrl+Shift+X Cancel Last Entered Order
Ctrl+Shift+T Open Sector Trend Window
Ctrl+Shift+S Open Advanced Scanner Window
Ctrl+Shift+W Open Watch List Window
Ctrl+Shift+Q Open Detailed Quotes Winodw
Ctrl+Shift+V Open Velocity and Forces Window
Ctrl+Shift+D Open Market Depth Window
Ctrl+Shift+L Open Symbol Lookup Window
Ctrl+Shift+B Open Balances Window
Ctrl+T Open Times and Sales Window
Ctrl+Shift+G Open Gain/Loss Tax Center Link
Ctrl+Shift+A Open Acount Management Link
Ctrl+Shift+H Open Account History Link
F1 Open Help Link
Ctrl+Shift+N Open Streaming News Window
Ctrl+Shift+O Open Option Chain Window
Ctrl+Shift+1 Open/Close Carousel
Ctrl+Shift+2 Attch/Detach Active Window
Ctrl+Shift+3 Open/Close Right Drawer
Ctrl+Shift+4 Log Out
Ctrl+S Save Layout
Ctrl+P Print Window

Uploaded by rank17, updated on 6/18/2017