58 Shortcuts for Smartplant Review (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus1. Function Keys
F1 Help
F2 Assign Materials to Elements
Ctrl+F2 Assign Materials to Display Set
F3 Define Display Set
Ctrl+F3 Move Display Set
F4 Hide Level (Object)
Ctrl+F4 Level Settings
F5 Refresh
Ctrl+F5 Refresh All
Shift+F5 Raytrace
F6 View Settings
Ctrl+F6 Save and Recall (View Operations)
Shift+F6 Photo-Realism Settings
F7 Frame Show Motion
Ctrl+F7 Motion Settings
Shift+F7 Global Lighting Settings
F8 Snaplock Measurement
Ctrl+F8 Surface Measurement
Shift+F8 Edit Measurement Collections
Ctrl+Shift+F8 New Measurement Collections
F9 Place Tag with leader line
Ctrl+F9 Place Tag without leader line
F10 Next Tag
Ctrl+F10 Previous Tag
F11 Full Screen Toggle
Ctrl+F11 Arrange All
F12 Collision Detection

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minusplus2. Standard Control Keys
Ctrl+c Copy Text
Ctrl+f Find Object
Ctrl+o Open
Ctrl+p Print
Ctrl+s Save
Ctrl+v Paste Text
Ctrl+x Cut Text
Ctrl+y Redo
Ctrl+z Undo

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minusplus3. Managing Smartplan Review
Alt+0 View Project Manager
Alt+1 View Position Control toolbar
Alt+2 View Perspective Angle toolbar
Alt+3 View Encircle Radius toolbar
Alt+4 Display Common Views control
Ctrl+d Delete all measurement collections
Ctrl+Alt+d Delete all measurements
Ctrl+m Delete last measurement
Ctrl+Shift+m Delete measurements in the active collection
Ctrl+r Play key frame motion
Ctrl+Space Pause key frame motion
Ctrl+Alt+r Play a Schedule Review session
Ctrl+Alt+Space Pause a Schedule Review session
Ctrl+Alt+s Stop a Schedule Review session
Shift+1 Switch to single view layout
Shift+3 Switch to three view layout
Shift+4 Switch to four view layout
Ctrl+1 Toggle display of theMain window
Ctrl+2 Toggle display of the Plan window
Ctrl+3 Toggle display of the Elevation window
Ctrl+4 Toggle display of the Text window
Esc Stop the current view update, key frame motion, or raytrace

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Sources: Intergraph Smartplan Review User Guide

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