35 Shortcuts for Solidwork Composer (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus35 Shortcuts for Solidwork Composer (Windows)
Alt Enables curve detection mode Available only in transformation modes: rotate, translate, and explode
Alt+Enter Displays the Document Properties dialog box
Esc Quits the current function
Spacebar Displays Digger
Tab Hides temporarily the actor under the mouse pointer
Tab+Shift Restores actor visibility, one after the other, after hiding with Tab
F1 Displays the appropriate online help topic (Contextual Help)
F2 Edits the text (rename)
F4 Redoes the last operation
Shift (held) Toggles the selection
Ctrl (held) Adds to the selection (multi-select)
Ctrl+A Selects All
Ctrl+D Displays Digger
Ctrl+G Shows/hides the Grid
Ctrl+K Using the Image Area, create a snapshot of the viewport that can be pasted into other applications, such as MS Paint
Ctrl+S Saves the active document
Ctrl+T Shows/hides all actors
Ctrl+W Shows/hides the ground shadow
Ctrl+Z Undoes the last operation
Ctrl+Y Redoes the last operation
Ctrl+Shift+P Enables rendering modes
Ctrl+Shift+F Front/back camera view
Ctrl+Shift+R Right/left camera view
Ctrl+Shift+T Top/bottom camera view
+/Up Arrow Increases navigation speed in Fly Through mode
-/Down Arrow Decreases navigation speed in Fly Through mode
A Applies on-demand rendering effects, such as anti-aliasing, to the viewport
H Hides the selected actor
I Toggles Inertia mode
K Keeps hidden an actor that was hidden with Tab
P Plays/pauses animation
R Refreshes the scene by resetting the OpenGL engine Use this command if you have graphical display issues
S Show Statistics such as the number of model actors and triangles, in the lower-right corner of the viewport when navigating the model
T Shows/hides collaboration actors
X Displays Digger

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