22 Shortcuts for Sonos Controller (Windows)  [edit]

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minusplus22 Shortcuts for Sonos Controller (Windows)
Ctrl+P Play/ Pause
Ctrl+E Toggle Shuffle
Ctrl+R Toggle Repeat
Ctrl+T Toggle Crossfade
Ctrl+M Mute/ unmute current Room/ Group
Ctrl+Shift+M Mute/ unmute all
Ctrl+U Return to Top Level Music Menu
Ctrl+* Go to Favorites
Ctrl+L Scroll to current song in queue
Arrow Right/Arrow Left Next song/ previous song
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Go back/ forward 30 seconds
Ctrl++/- Increase/ decrease volume
Ctrl+./, Select next/ previous Room/ Group
Shift+Enter Play selected song next
Ctrl+Shift+Q Replace Queue with Selection
Ctrl+Q Play Selection later
Ctrl+G Resize Queue
Ctrl+D Toggle Mini Controller
Ctrl+Shift+I Update Music Library Now
Ctrl+K Display Keyboard Shortcut List
Ctrl+F Jump to Search Box
Ctrl+W Close active window

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