25 Shortcuts for Source Insight (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. General

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minusplus1. General
Arrow Down Cursor Down
Arrow Up Cursor Up
Arrow Left Cursor Left
Arrow Right Cursor Right
Home Beginning of Line
End End of Line
Ctrl+Home Top of File
Ctrl+End Bottom of File
Ctrl+Alt+[ Beginning of Selection
Ctrl+Alt+] End of Selection
Ctrl+Arrow Left Word Left
Ctrl+Arrow Right Word Right
Keypad + Function Down
Keypad - Function Up
Ctrl+9 Paren Left
Ctrl+0 Paren Right
Ctrl+Shift+{ Block Up
Ctrl+Shift+} Block Down
F5 Go To Line
Ctrl+F Search
F4 Search Forward
F3 Search Backward
Shift+F4 Search Forward for Selection
Ctrl+Shift+M Selection History

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