28 Shortcuts for Spotify (MacOS)  [edit]

Platform: win, mac [add]

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Table of Contents:

  1. General
minusplus1. General
Command+N Create new playlist
Command+X Cut
Command+C Copy
Command+Alt+C Copy (alternative link)
Command+V Paste
Del/Backspace Delete
Command+A Select all
Space Play/pause
Ctrl+Command+Right Next track
Ctrl+Command+Left Previous track
Command+Up Volume up
Command+Down Volume down
Command+Shift+Down Mute
Command+Shift+Up Max volume
Command+Shift+? Show help
Command+F Filter (in Songs and Playlists)
Command+Alt+F Give focus to search field
Command+Alt+Left Go back
Command+Alt+Right Go forward
Enter Play selected row
Command+, Preferences
Command+Shift+W Logout active user
Command+Q Quit
Command+H Hide window
Command+Alt+H Hide other applications' windows
Command+W Close window
Command+M Minimize window
Command+Alt+1 Restore from minimized

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