60 Shortcuts for Surfcam (Windows)  [edit]

Table of Contents:

  1. Within Edit NC
  2. Within Backplot

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minusplus60 Shortcuts for Surfcam (Windows)
F1 Display Context-Sensitive Online Help
Alt+Tab Switch between applications
Alt+Arrow Keys Screen Rotate
Arrows If you click Rotate or Pan on the Display menu, arrows rotate or pan the image in 5 increments around the vertical axis and the horizontal axis In a dialog box, the arrows move the text cursor 1 character in the indicated direction
Backspace Display the previous menu or -in a dialog box- delete the last character typed
Ctrl+Esc Display the Start menu
Ctrl+Alt+M Toggle Mask ON and OFF
Ctrl+A Shade the visible surface To toggle ON/OFF, press Ctrl+A once again Display > Shade Menu
Ctrl +B User Application menu
Ctrl+C Display CView dialog box
Ctrl+D Delete Menu
Ctrl+F Automatically fit the current geometry to the extent of the window
Ctrl+I Zoom current view
Ctrl+L Display the Layers dialog box
Ctrl+M Display the Mask Selection Settings dialog box
Ctrl+N NC Operation Manager Dialog Box
Ctrl+O Current color bar
Ctrl+P Enable the Pan function
Ctrl+MMB Enable Pan for current view
Ctrl+Q Automatically Repaint the current image
Ctrl+R+Arrow Keys Rotate Display using the  arrow keys
Ctrl+S Save As
Ctrl+T Display the Tap/Drill Chart
Ctrl+U Automatically scale the view by ½
Ctrl+V Display Views dialog box
Ctrl+Z Enable the Zoom In function
Ctrl+Arrow Keys Screen Pan
Ctrl+0 Previous view number
Ctrl+1 Top view
Ctrl+2 Front view
Ctrl+3 Back view
Ctrl+4 Bottom view
Ctrl+5 Right view
Ctrl+6 Left view
Ctrl+7 Isometric View
Ctrl+8 Axonometric View
Ctrl+9 Next view number
Z Display the Analyze Elements menu
Enter Accept information entered in a Dialog Box
Esc Cancel the current Dialog Box and display any previous one or Escape from the current menu and display the Main menu
Keypad + or - Rotates in 5 increments around the Z axis when you click Rotateon the display menu
Shift+Tab Moves the cursor one field backward in a Dialog Box
Shiftand+/- Increase and decrease C-View Plane size
Tab Moves the cursor one field forward in a Dialog Box
Z Analyze Elements
F1 Display Context-Sensitive Online Help
Alt+F4 Exit the program
Alt+Tab Switch between applications
Ctrl+Esc Display the Start menu
Esc Cancel the current dialog box and display any previous one
Shift+Tab Move the pointer one field backward in a dialog box
Tab Move the pointer one field forward in a dialog box
minusplus1. Within Edit NC
Arrow Keys step tool forward and backwards
Tab Toggles through the tool options (solid, translucent, wireframe, blip)
Shift+Tab Show/Hide the tool holder

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minusplus2. Within Backplot
Arrow keys step tool forward and backwards
Spacebar/Enter Play and Pause the animation
Tab Toggles through the tool options (solid, translucent, wireframe, blip)
Shift+Tab Show/Hide the tool holder

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